Welcome to Madhavbaug Pre - School

We at MadhavBaug Pre-school observe standards for structure, teaching process, quality of classroom environments, teacher-child interactions and alignment components. Our curriculum is designed for differing ages. Pre-school education can be detrimental to cognitive and social development and hence here at MadhavBaug the pre-school is “play based,” rather than attempting to provide early formal instruction in academic subjects. “Playing with other children, away from adults, is how children learn to make their own decisions, control their emotions and impulses, see from others’ perspectives, negotiate differences with others, and make friends”.

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.

Features of Madhavbaug Pre - School

Best Education

A student-centered learning climate that identifies and responds to difficulties any child may be experiencing.

Planned & Organised

Events , celebrations , functions , activities & competitions are regularly been held to help & motivate the students.


We provide all facilities to our students. And Our enhanced facilities to help students focus on their studies.

Course Curriculum

A coherent instructional guidance system & assessments are coordinated within grades with meaningful teacher involvement.